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Would we be happier with more ‘me time’, away from the always-on screens of our phones, computers and tablets? Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science at LSE, defines happiness as “experiences of pleasure and purpose over time” and says “To be truly happy you need to feel both pleasure and purpose”.

Using Dolan’s ‘pleasure purpose principle’ this drive for a happier you at the beginning of a new year, for example, is usually a purposeful pursuit rather than one driven by pleasure, although the two can’t be entirely pulled apart.

Moments That Matter, a study from the magazine media agency Magnetic, found that almost 70 per cent of all magazine reading moments were driven by the need for ‘pleasurable reward’ or ‘purposeful information’ and the way that magazine content meets these needs differs depending on the audience.

Millennials for example, tend to seek magazine content that gives them interesting things to talk about; they want to know what is going on. For them it’s about social currency and sharing information that defines a positive experience much more than for Gen X and Baby Boomers.

In comparison, Gen X are more likely to be looking for ideas or to feel they have learnt something new, so the reading experience itself is the end result.

Magazine readers report a state of flow and higher levels of happiness and these emotional qualities are triggers to long-term memory.

No matter whether happiness is on your personal or professional agenda, magazines are a great place to find purposeful information that will inspire and elicit action and ultimately make you happier.

Source: Magnetic Media’s Moments That Matter study Aug 2016


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