Something For Everyone

Did you know that there are over 3,000 magazine titles available in the UK? And 18.4 copies are sold every second!

Why not take time out with a magazine, and explore something new?


You can find something to inspire you in every area of your life, and the broad lifestyle magazines aim to do just that. With a focus on health and well-being, fashion and beauty, or culture and home, there are loads to choose from including Woman and Home, Prima and GQ.

Current Affairs

If you’re looking for in-depth analysis on the latest news stories, or thought provoking comment to fuel debate at the dinner table, there’s a magazine for you. Titles include The Economist, Private Eye, The Week, and for the younger news hounds, The Week Junior and First News.

Homes and Gardens

Want some inspirational ideas for a home or garden makeover, or perhaps you’re hunting down a how-to guide? For interior decoration, DIY tips and the inside track on gardening, head to the magazine aisle. Best-selling titles include Ideal Home, Country Living and BBC Gardeners’ World.


The celebrity magazines have all the latest gossip, and celebrity interviews and photographs that you just won’t see anywhere else. You can get your celebrity fix from titles such as Hello!, Heat and Now.

Food and Drink

You’ll never go short of meal ideas, whether it’s for a quiet dinner at home, feeding the family or a full blown dinner party. Then there are the vegetarian, vegan and slimming titles too. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a magazine for that. Delicious, Slimming World and Olive are just some of the top mags out there.

Hobbies and Special Interest

Whatever you’re into, odds are that there is a team of journalists who share your passion and write about it regularly. A magazine can be a great way of joining a community of like-minded folk too. From Running World to Sailing Today, Mollie Makes to Om Yoga, there’s a mag for every interest.

Children and Family

A magazine featuring their favourite character can be an educational treat for kids, and it can be great to spend time reading with younger children too. Dive into CBeebies, The Beano or Toxic and the whole family can get involved.


Puzzles are a great way to take time out while improving your brain power! There are an increasing number of titles out there from Crosswords to Sudoku. Compendium magazines can be a great place to start, like Puzzler or Take A Break’s Take A Puzzle.


This has been one of the top selling types of magazine in the past few years. Colouring is relaxing and has therapeutic benefits associated with mindfulness. You can pick a title depending on your interests, and Relax With Art, Colouring Heaven and Zen Colouring are just some of the magazines available.

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